Fire Takes Home & Business – Owner Says Alarms Saved His Life

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Muazzam Abdul Aziz/Owner, Northstar
“It was hard to walk through, hard to breathe, it’s dirty, your hands get dirty… you can’t really go in there.”

A hard pill to swallow after losing everything…
Around 9pm Sunday night, Kingston Fire & Rescue were called to a structure fire at the Northstar Gas station near Walmart.

Delbert Blakney/Fire Inspector, Kingston Fire & Rescue:
“The fire originated in the rear of the building, this gas station has a work/ live unit.. so the owner actually lives here.
So, there is living quarters in the back.
The fire actually actually started in one of the bedrooms”

The owner of the business, says it happened so quickly and the only warning was the alarm.

Muazzam Abdul Aziz:
“I was standing behind the till, just working. And all I heard was a fire alarm go off, and at first I didn’t know what to think.
I didn’t smell any smoke, I didn’t feel any heat, I didn’t hear anything regarding the fire itself.”

Which is why Abdul Aziz says he credits the alarm for saving his life.

Muazzam Abdul Aziz:
“As a child you hear the fire departments say, make sure you know your exit routes, make sure your fire alarms are working…
And today going through it, honestly, that saved my life… I know it saved my life.”

The investigation is ongoing but Blakney says they’ve ruled out anything suspicious.

Delbert Blakney:
“We have narrowed it down to the area of a desk where I would say there was probably overloaded electrical circuits.”

The damage… halting business, stealing all of their belongings and their home. But the family says the support has been amazing.

Muazzam Abdul Aziz:
“Everyone has been helpful and supportive mainly. Which I appreciate 100%. I don’t have family in town or anyone but the people I meet at the gas station.”

Abdul Aziz says he plans on reopening the business as soon as possible.
Callie Warren, CKWS News, Kingston

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