Hotter Weather and People Leaving Family Animals in Cars in Belleville

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It’s not officially summer just yet — and already police are dealing with a lot of calls about animals left alone in parked cars.     On Saturday alone — Belleville police received six calls about animals in possible distress.     A number of organizations in Belleville  including the police, continue to warn people about the dangers of leaving animals alone in vehicles where the temperature can soar dramatically.     Mike Postovit has more.


Animals are such a big part of people’s lives — so when this happened — people were talking.

Victoria Pineau/Dog Owner

“I was actually disgusted — I have 3 dogs of my own and I would never leave my dogs in a hot car — not even for 5 minutes.”

This was early afternoon at the James Moore Off Leash Dog Park just off the Belleville waterfront.


“If you can’t take care of dogs — or animals, then you shouldn’t have one.     So far we’re just into June and it’s gotten very warm — we don’t know what the next couple of months is going to hold and having six calls just in one day — what’s going to happen over the summer.”

Nancy McCrory/Dog Owner

“I treat my dog like it’s a member of my family — you wouldn’t do that to your elderly grandma — just leave them in a hot car and let them suffocate because the can’t get air — I certainly wouldn’t do it to my dog or a child.

Police are reminding people that the temperatures can rise rapidly in motor vehicles when the air conditioning is not used.     And even short periods of time can be extremely dangerous to an animal’see health.

Staff Sergeant Rene Aubertin/Belleville Police

“Lots of people say that I’m just going to run in for a minute — and things happen — you get tied-up, there’s a big line — what have you.     Vehicles can heat-up very quickly with their windows up — even with the windows down — it’s a small compartment.”

Frank Rockett/Quinte Humane Society Executive Director

“We’re talking a very slight increase in body temperature for the dog and they start suffering — and it creates the potential of brain damage, just after a few minutes of excessive heat and the car is like an oven — the sun started beating down on that windshield and it just heats-up in there — it’ll be hotter then it is outside very, very quickly.”

No charges were laid in any of the incidents as all six vehicles had left before officers arrived.     If you witness a situation where an animal is left in a vehicle — call police.


“We will attend, we will make that decision whether or not a window needs to be broken or what we have to do.     We don’t want to see anyone getting in trouble — there is a potential that if you break a window you could be charged with mischief — I know people are doing it for the right reason –but leave that decision and leave that to the police to take care of.”

You can also call the SPCA — at 310-77-22.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Belleville.”

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