Kingston Transit can be tracked in real time

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Kingston transit has rolled out a new service that’s designed to benefit riders.
This one allows you to track the location of any transit bus in real time.
That means — no more waiting and wondering when the bus will arrive.
Darryn Davis explains how it works.

“It uses the gps device on your phone.
it identifies where you are and then it shows you all the bus routes that are closest.”
“And if i click on the map it will actually show me where the bus is in real time.”

Welcome to the new age of waiting for a transit bus.
The days of wondering when it gets to your stop… are over.
Kingston transit has rolled out a new online service that allows you to track buses in real time.
It seems to be an instant hit with riders.
“Instead of standing their waiting for the bus, hoping it comes, it definitely be a lot easier.”
” I’m planning to download it because I’m sick and tired or waiting for buses and never knowing when they’re coming it sounds like a really useful app really.”
…. especially on wet or cold days when no one wants to be standing around in the elements.
Kingston transit hasn’t developed an app… what the bus service has done is provide its tracking data to existing transit apps.
“Our information is available on a variety of apps in the google play store, the apple app store. users can just search for a transit app and they’ll find our information on most of those apps that are providing real time information.”
“Da Costa says making the data available for transit apps is just another tool in the box to make the transit system more user friendly and hopefully increase ridership.”
“For 2017 we are certainly on track to at least match last years ridership record we expect to get very close to 6 million rides this year.”
Real time tracking could also make transit more attractive to those unfamiliar with Kingston.
This man used a transit app to get around while visiting Toronto.
“Couldn’t figure out where we needed to go so we just download the app, immediately hooked us up found the fastest way out of their it was perfect.”
Tracking may not be limited to buses.
City officials have said they’re working on providing real time information for other municipal services… like street and sidewalk snow plows.
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