UPDATE: Kittens trapped in a dump site

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – Trapped in a dump site with no way out.
That’s how these two women found some kittens at a local waste management site.
Donna Cowie-Ducharme/Forgotten Ferals:
“They could be eating all sorts of discarded drugs. Glass. Whatever’s in the dump they could be eating.”
Donna Cowie-Ducharme and Heather Patterson started the group ‘Forgotten Ferals’ less than a year ago and already rescued about 50 felines just like these from across the region but say the so-called ‘dump cats’ were one of their most dangerous rescues.
Heather Senoran/Videographer:
“Officials here at Waste Management say we are not allowed on the property during operating hours but the women from Forgotten Ferals say it was actually an employee who told them about the situation. A mother cat gave birth to 5 kittens inside of a steel container in the first bay area that you see behind me.”
The women were able to safely live trap two of the kittens before their steel container home was disrupted by a massive pile of garbage.
Since then, 3 more adult strays were found and trapped.
Heather Patterson/Forgotten Ferals:
“Within a year they could have 40. So they have to be trapped. Fixed. Fostered. Whatever we can manage to do with them.”
The women say Waste Management has been extremely co-operative and even helped trap some of the cats before opening hours.
Heather Patterson:
“We understand there’s safety concerns with us being there and security concerns also but they’re really trying to work with us.”
Waste Management officials did not want to appear on camera but issued this statement.
Luiza Adsett/Waste Management:
“Our first priority is safety and we have established a safety protocol with the rescue team … It is a great reminder to have pets spayed and neutered and we hope that these adorable felines find a safe and happy home.”
With the help of the Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative the self-proclaimed ‘crazy cat trappers’ are currently taking care of more than a dozen cats and kittens.
Donna Cowie-Ducharme:
“Just knowing that we made a difference. That they had no voice and we made that difference.”
As for the dump cats, Waste Management has allowed the group to set up this feeding and water station on the property.
Forgotten Ferals say they will not give up until every cat at the facility is helped.

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