Students, staff and families celebrate closing schools’ history

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After almost 70 years Hillcrest school in Belleville is closing at the end of the school year.
The majority of students will be going to Prince of Wales public school.
But not before students, staff and neighbourhood families have one last celebration to remember Hillcrest.
Darryn Davis has more.

That’s the memory board, full of photo’s of students and events.
It will be one of the first things people see when they come to celebrate the final days of Hillcrest school.
A school that has served the neighbourhood for close to 7 decades.
And while there will be some speeches at the late afternoon celebration it will be a largely informal affair.
“Wander through the building, tell the stories of their memories here, see what it still looks like. I’ve had a lot of parents come to me ask if they can take pictures while they’re in the building. Of course they can. ”
For the current students it’s a mix excitement and sadness leaving a school that has so many fond memories.
“My greatest memory here was probably meeting all my friends and also meeting my favourite teacher. ”
“Work to ensure a smooth transition is already underway. Almost all of Hillcrest students are over at Prince of Wales right now, meeting new classmates and getting a feel for what their new school will be like. ”
“They’re getting to mix and mingle, meet teachers meet other students in a fun low stress way.”
And a new school can be exciting.
New teachers, new friends.
Even some things that appear mundane can be cause for excitement.
“Lockers that’s like the best part.
“What’s so exciting about lockers?
You get to put all your stuff in them and decorate them.”
There will be just under 120 students from kindergarten to grade five moving from Hillcrest to Prince of Wales public school this fall.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Belleville.

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