Belleville home struck by lightning

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Belleville –  “There was shingles there and there was shingles in both of our neighbour’s houses and one flew actually all the way over to the house beside us…”

It’s a day Mark Hymus won’t soon forget.  He was having dinner with his family when the unthinkable happened.

Mark Hymus/House Struck by Lightning
“A big crash, bang, the loudest thing I think I’ve ever heard and then a flash of kind of white light across our front lawn and walked out to hear people yelling saying our house had just got struck by lightning.”

Reg Hillman heard the sound – so did the Varghese family.  The neighbours describe it as something they’ve never heard before.

Reg Hillman/Neighbour
“So frightening, I’ve never heard a crack that loud and I saw the shot of flame shoot across and I didn’t think about it hitting anything.”

Deepa Varghese/Neighbour
“It was a huge noise so we really thought it would be a big accident or a house just falling down.”

The lightning left behind a 3 foot hole in the roof.  But that’s not all.  The surge of electricity also blew out lights, left holes in the eavestroughs and shorted some appliances.  When fire crews arrived there were no flames but the main power to the home was shut off just in case.

Nikki Jhutti
“Fire crews were on scene for about an hour, checking to ensure everything was safe both outside and inside the home.”

Mark MacDonald/Fire Chief, Belleville Fire
“The electrical system in the home can be massively overheated so essentially the wires in the wall can become like heating elements, so we’ll use our thermal imaging cameras and thoroughly investigate to make sure there’s not fires that have been started within the walls of the home.”

Despite not having power – Hymus and his family were able to stay in their home.
The roof has been partially patched, they still don’t have full power and a number of appliances and other electronics are fried.
Damage is estimated to be in the thousands – but Hymus says things could have been much worse.

Mark Hymus/House Struck by Lightning
“We are thankful that yeah there’s damage and some different things but we are all safe, some scared little kids but we’re all safe.”

Nikki Jhutti, CKWS News Belleville.

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