Dog missing after Weller Avenue fire

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A stove element that was left on — appears to have sparked a townhouse fire in north Kingston just before 9 o’clock this morning.
Fortunately, no one was hurt.
Fire crews were called to the townhouse on Weller Avenue just before 9 o’clock.
as Darryn Davis reports — a family of 8 has been left homeless… and their pet dog is still missing in the neighbourhood.


Kingston Fire and Rescue responded with four trucks and 20 firefighters to this townhouse on Weller avenue .
“We saw heavy smoke and flame coming from the main floor door and window on the backside.
We made entry and knocked down the fire relatively quickly.”
Neighbours had already jumped into action before firefighters arrived on scene.
Mat Spencer was returning home after walking his son to school –when he saw smoke coming out the back of townhouse unit 18.
“I don’t know if the family’s here or not, I can hear the dog barking, we’ve got to get the dog out of there. I don’t know if anybody’s home or not. so I proceed to kick open the back door. At the time I was kicking open the back door a couple other neighbours were at the front kicking that door open.”
One of those neighbours trying to get in through front door was Trevor Stufko….he also was unsure if anyone was inside the burning building
“There was already flames coming into the kitchen so we ran around to the front, kicked the door in, got the dog out, but we didn’t get to keep the dog because he bee-lined it and kept on running.”

The dog — named “Coco” — became the focus of a neighbourhood search throughout the day.
The family of 8 wasn’t home at the time of the fire… and no one else was injured.
Fire inspector Del Blakney says the fire started in the kitchen.
A stove element was accidently turned on … and eventually combustible materials near the element caught fire.
“Blakney says if not for the quick work of kingston fire and rescue, the fire at this unit could have been a lot worse.”
“Somewhere in the 4 to six minute range a room will flash over so basically it’s a fireball from ceiling to ground.”
Even with the flash-over, firefighters prevented the blaze from spreading to adjoining townhouse units.
A damage figure hasn’t been established …. but it is extensive.
“The kitchen the dining room and the hallways will have to be basically gutted. the bedrooms will be able to be restored. not all the contents were lost which is good.”
Fire officials say the units smoke alarms were working.. alerting neighbours to the danger.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston.

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