Fred Penner entertains hundreds at local festival

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

An iconic Canadian children’s entertainer played to hundreds of fans — young and old — at the annual skeleton park arts festival. ¬†Fred Penner has been singing children’s songs for over 30 years… and even had his own tv shows back in the 80’s.

It’s an image that brings back childhood memories for so many. Canadian icon, Fred Penner standing up on stage, singing and performing in front of a crowd.
Tyler Hutchins:
“I’m 34 so its been probably 30 years since I’ve seen him last and its pretty interesting to see him now with my two little ones.”
Michelle Dawson:
“This is my grand daughter and I have two others so this is great. Her mom and her uncle we used to watch Fred all the time. He was one of our favourites so its really fun to be able to bring them today too.”
Penner played for almost an hour before wrapping up with a well known favourite….”The Cat Came Back”.
Following his performance, Penner took time to meet some of his fans, and sign autographs.
He says its been a long career, but he loves seeing the different generations enjoying his music.
Fred Penner:
“Its a delight to see that happening, parents kids, special needs children. That’s really a key to it as well. I had a sister who was a down syndrome child, and so relating to any of the special needs world goes into a deeper level for me.”
This is the 12th year in a row that the Skeleton Park Arts Festival has taken place.
In addition to musical performances, there are arts and crafts, local food and an opportunity to connect with neighbours.
Sam Rogers:
“Its a good spot to see people you know, all the booths and all the activities are good. Really good for kids too.”
Maegen Kulchar CKWS News Kingston.

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