Kingston soccer coach Christian Hoefler

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

He’s only been in Kingston for three years but Christian Hoefler has certainly made a name for himself…
The passionate soccer coach is currently in the process of obtaining an “A” license—the highest accreditation for coaching the sport in Canada…

Christian Hoefler/

“As a coach I’m always looking to educate myself, prosper and get better so once I completed the “B’ about 4 years ago, definitely this is the next step—I’m highly qualified and I’m learning on these courses and it does help with our teams and improve the players in the city so why not… about 4-5 years I do hope to be involved with the Canadian Soccer Association..its been a goal of mine to help this country as much as I can and eventually be a national team coach with either the juniors–women’s program or male program so definitely in 4 or 5 years that’s a goal i’d like to obtain with this.”

When it comes to soccer—Hoefler is one busy man….not only does he coach the men’s team at Queen’s University—he oversee’s the development of hundreds of minor league players with the Kingston Clippers…for him its a labour of love


“I mean absolutely–I’m involved with the development program with the Clippers–again, any coach or student of the game that approaches me and asks for help with sessions or training plans, I’m always ready to help and at the end of the day to its the players–we have to teach them and they really need to want it, okay, so if there’s a 10-year old or an 11 year old girl out there who really wants to compete and get to the next level its up to us as coaches and as a community to help her to get there so again, it starts at the grassroots but I see Kingston prospering and 4-5 years were eventually going to have 1-2 players on our junior national team’s and hopefully later on, on our national senior teams…the day that you want to stop learning is the day you want to find another sport–so there’s always something to learn especially with our players becoming more modern and intelligent at a younger age so we have to challenge them with new objectives and again its just a full circle here so I’m always learning and I’m always aiming to learn.”

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