Third annual “Stop Texting & Driving” campaign launches

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Third annual "Stop Texting & Driving" campaign launches

We’ve seen them on cars throughout the city and it’s likely you’ll start seeing more of them.
The latest Stop Texting while Driving Campaign is spreading the message that there’s no room for distraction on our roads.

Jamie Burns, Kingston Partners for a Safe Community:
“We see it everyday, all of the partners see people distracted by their phones everyday. It’s upsetting and it’s unfortunate. We really just need to keep promoting, you need to be focused on the road when you’re driving.”

Distracted driving has become the number one cause of fatal collisions surpassing even impaired driving. It’s one of many traffic complaints Constable Josh Brimble follows up on during his duties as a Kingston Police traffic officer.

Cst. Josh Brimble, Kingston Police:
“Most likely now it’s still happening at red lights or when they’re stopped. And we just want to let people know that it’s still an offence. If you’re on a roadway with a hand held communication device in your hand, it doesn’t matter if your texting or on the phone, even if you’re holding it in your hand and speaking to it, it’s still an offense. You can’t have it in your hand at all.”

In Ontario getting caught with your phone behind the wheel will run you at least $490 plus 3 demerits.  The idea behind this third annual campaign is to get the community involved in spreading the message. A message that can save lives.

Jamie Burns, Kingston Partners for a Safe Community
“We want to limit the amount of collisions on the roads and therefor limit the amount of injuries and fatalities that happen in car collisions.”

Car magnets are available at emergency responders officers across the region to help spread the word and with the long weekend just days away …Police will be on full patrol enforcing safe driving practices.
-Jonna Semple, CKWS News Kingston

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