Kingstonians and visitors from abroad discuss what is great about Canada

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – 12 years ago Azar Hezarkhani left Iran to come to Canada or what she calls the land of opportunity.
Azar Hezarkhani/ Immigrated from Iran:
“What we have here is freedom, stability, being stable, having opportunity, you have diversity and inclusion and multicultural… what else do you want in a country, right?”
Hezarkhani is visiting Kingston for work and while here is helping put together a special ‘Canada 150’ scavenger hunt for co-workers.
She says becoming a Canadian was the best decision she ever made.
“I love my country Iran but I did the sacrifice for the future of my children.”
Maple Leaf Flags are becoming an even more common sight as Canadians gear up to celebrate the big 150th birth of the country — but what makes our home and native land so great?
“I like living in Canada because I feel safe here.”
“The landscape is beautiful. The forests and the mountain areas.”
“Everywhere you go in the country is different. My husband and I have been all over Canada and we spent time in just about every province and they’re all so unique.”
“We all just share a passion for accepting each other and being kind people.”
Many of the reason those living south of the border and abroad choose to visit Canada.
“It’s beautiful. Very colourful.”
“I like the people. They’re very friendly.”
Another big draw — Canadian cuisine.
“Poutines and your maple syrup. Yeah.”
It doesn’t get more Canadian than fries, cheese curds and gravy — the classic dish is a is top seller here at Harper’s Burger Bar — the manager says while their menu features local ingredients the influences are far reaching.
Alan Noonan/Manager, Haper’s:
“We’re trying to bring a little bit of everything in there. And then we throw in the influences from around the world — which is what Canada is in my mind… a little bit of a melting pot.”
A melting pot that’s filled with flavours from all around the globe — just take your pick.
“You have many restaurants in Canada. It’s the best country in the world.”
A statement Canadians from coast to coast would agree with as the country gets ready to celebrate 150 on July 1st.

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