Kingston Panthers U-16 Rugby

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The rugby season is nicely underway for the Kingston Panthers—–the Under-16 boys team has high hopes for a successful campaign…

Drew Stymiest/Head Coach

“We’ve got some really talented players-and the great thing about rugby in Canada right now is that kids are learning it at a younger age–kids are starting to play as young as 10 to 12 through mini programs at the club and also the under 14 program so there getting a good 3-4 years of rugby experience before they get to us….the biggest thing were trying to establish for them now is taking those basic rugby skills they’ve learned–catch-pass-tackle and bring them all together to make them work more as a cohesive unit….great group of kids–no issues–they come to practise–they work hard–there everything a coach could ask for.”

Adam Doyle/

“Its really fun–I started playing this year in high school and I really liked it so I wanted to come out and play in the summer too..I think there’s a really good dynamic with the boys–everyone gets a long really well –people from Holy Cross and Frontenac.”

Hudson Harvey/

“Were a good group of guys–we get a long really well and its a good organization to be a part of…its fun, it never stops–its always going–its a lot better than football that I play as well–here we just keep on going and its kind of rough which I like.’

Brennan Brady/
“We’ve got a lot of talented rugby players along with some pretty knowledgeable coaches so with the combination of those two could lead to a successful season.”

This group of young men are excited about the summer ahead and so is there coach who believes strongly in giving back to the sport he loves


“Whatever your passion is–it could be rugby it could be art…it could be anything–if your passionate about something I think its important that as you get older that you take what your passionate about and pass it on to others.”

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