New exhibit at city hall encourages people to “Meet Your Neighbour”

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Kingston – Getting to know the people who make up the Kingston community.  That’s the focus of a new exhibit at city hall.  “Meet Your Neighbour” is a collection of work by local photographer Claire Bouvier.  Located in the Market Wing Gallery, it highlights the diversity in the community, the global origins of Kingston’s residents, and the many talents they have to share.  The people featured come from around world including Mexico, India, China, Palestine and Zimbabwe.  People with indigenous backgrounds are also represented.  Both the city and Kingston Immigration Partnership teamed up for the sesquicentennial project.  The photographs will be on display until November.

Paul Robertson/City Curator
“Most continents of the world are now represented in the Kingston area. And the more people we have from diverse backgrounds, the richer we are as a community and I think it adds to the sort of exciting complexity of what Kingston is.”


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