Prince Edward County O.P.P. look to public for help in break in investigation

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Police in Prince Edward County are investigating a series of break-ins.
At least 5 businesses were targeted early Monday morning…. and police believe they may all be linked.
Darryn Davis reports.


This chip truck in picton is just one of five businesses that were broken into during the early morning hours of June 26th.
Te thief also gained entry to the Old Greenhouse Ice Cream Shop in Wellington.
Chris Malette’s wife owns the business.
He says a single man broke into the store just before 2am
“They had broken in the front door with a pry bar, some stuff was tossed around minor loss”.
Malette says there have been a number of similar break ins across the county over the last several months.
And while the thief didn’t get away with much the robbery has left both him and his wife feeling disheartened.
“Small businesses being hit repeatedly is really discouraging for a lot of small business people specially when the profit margin for most of us is just so slim. ”
“It’s believed that once the thief finished up here at the ice cream shop he then made the twenty or thirty yard jog over to Rock’n Rogers Pizza and Grill and forced his way in there as well.”
Angel Rogers runs the restaurant with her mom and sister.
“He broke in and you have about 90 seconds to get from the front door, lock the front door get to the back to put your coat in and then once the alarm goes off… I mean I’ve been in here when the alarm went off and it’s very ear piercing.”
Rogers says the thief took the tray out of the cash register and took off with only a small amount of money.
The alarm may have prevented the thief from getting away with more.
Rogers says they have donation jars for two local organizations.
“I was just more worried that he was going to steal money from the food bank or the support the local fire fighters. ”
Another ice cream shop in Cherry Valley and a florist in Bloomfield were also robbed the same morning.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Prince Edward County.

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