Clippers WC1 squad undefeated

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Ottawa-Carleton women’s soccer the Kingston Clippers tier-2 club is undefeated with a record of 6-wins and no losses..

Katherine Umolac/

“I think its because we have ..”A”…a great team dynamic–we all positive on the field towards each other and also we have a great coaching staff which is dedicated to our advancement not only as players on the field but players off the field as well.”

Kelly Milliken/

“Well we have great chemistry as a team..were really strong with good communication on the field..our coaching staff is unbelievable–Sean O’Brien is amazing and Dimitri, our goaltending coach is awesome–he gives me a lot of advice and tips–I’ve been playing goal since I was 11 and I’m still learning…I’m 25 now and I’m still gaining experience and knowledge so its very valuable–the coaching staff is unreal..the Clippers program is a very good program in Kingston to have.”


“I coach the Kingston Clippers–the U-11 and U-15 girls and were always stressing positive interaction on the field and how the minute that breaks down your the easiest team to beat and obviously we have’nt had that problem with our team..were 100 percent positive on the field–we encourage each other on every play–there action and reaction which is 100 per cent positive.”

Kaylee Carlisle/

“I’m new to the team–this is my first year playing with them but everybody’s open and nice–they share the ball –we all help each other–if you tell somebody else to fix something you just go ahead and no one takes offense to anything you say.”

While they strive for team success and a possible division 2 championship…the girls are on stand-by for a call-up to the Premier League..division one squad…


“We practise with them every Tuesday so were constantly with them–there coaches help out–coaches from the Premier team come and watch us and there always giving input and we all accept it with open minds..we want to learn from them because there above us so we just want to excel to their level.”

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