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Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The Brass Pub Golden Guys are the team to beat in the Kingston and District Touch Football League…
it is a squad made up of members of the 2009 Queen’s Golden Gaels—the Vanier Cup champions….and that’s a big reason for there continued success on the field…

Dave Rooney/

“It definitely is..we have that chemistry and we’ve got that history and believe it or not–some of us are still a little bit athletic so ya, we like to come out here and show it off when we can and as I said its great to see the guys at least once a week–were all real busy now–we all have families and jobs so to get out here once a week, play some football and then go for a drink afterwards is always a great thing.”

It goes without saying there’s a target on their backs—the other 9 teams in the league look forward to pulling off an upset against these former Gaels…

Mike Botting/

“Ya, we get teased a lot for keeping the team together but we have fun with it–the rest of the league is pretty good–were all out there for good fun and its competitive and its a good time.”


It’s tough–everyone wants to beat us and I think we come off a little arrogant –getting all the Queen’s football guys together but its all in good fun and a lot of the guys on this team have played in this league for quite some time so we do have respect definitely from the other teams in the league.”


“Football is not like hockey where you can play for the rest of your lives–its hard to get out now a days–its a lot harder on the body and its not as easy to run down the field like it used to be but that’s another part of having fun with it–joking with each other…we’ve all kept close..the guys from back then stayed in town and we’ve kept a good corps together and thats why we still do it–just to be able to see each other.”


“And its nice to make some new memories in this stadium as well…its nice to be with the guys at least once a week and play some good football”…

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