Polson Park school raise 10k for cancer care

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A diagnosis of cancer can be one of the scariest things a person can hear.
For friends and family… it can leave them feeling helpless.
But when Polson Park grade 2 student Aaron Kooi was diagnosed with leukemia — students, staff and school families were determined to show their support.
Darryn Davis has more.

The last day of school is a pretty exciting event for these Polson Park public school students.
But this year is even more special.
Just over a year ago Aaron Kooi was diagnosed with leukemia.
Aaron has undergone a several rounds of chemotherapy since his diagnosis.
“Fortunately it is a very treatable type of cancer however it is a pretty intense process it’s a few years and there’s a lot of treatments involved. ”
A time that has been difficult for the whole family.
” It was really scary because he had to go a lot and he would miss a lot of school and there would be nobody else there. ”
Since that news students, teachers, staff and Polson Park families wanted to show their support.
“Students were given pledge forms and they were asked to go around to family and friends and collect small or larger dollar amounts.”
Some students took it even further setting up a lemonade stand to raise funds and grade 4 student Daniel Fitzgerald contributed 100 dollars of his own that he had saved.
“Mostly do chores because like my brother and me we have a few chores to do and every week if we do them we get 3 dollars each.”
In total everyone managed to raise just under 10 thousand dollars.
Money that will be donated to children’s cancer centre.
“Kingston general hospitals children’s cancer centre helps families deal with costs that aren’t covered by the medical system.
Some of those uncovered costs include medications to something as simple as parking.”
“If parents have to travel to Toronto to a larger centre for radiation or bone marrow or special tests then we do help them cover accommodation and food and travel expenses for that as well.
And as for Aaron… his only comment on the day was about the giant cheque.
” I thought all the money would be in like a giant bag….(laughter)”
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston.


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