Hundreds Celebrating Canada’s 150th Early

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Canada’s 150th birthday is tomorrow and hundreds are downtown Kingston, celebrating.

Live music, a ferris wheel, and a light show… just some of the activities people are enjoying on the eve of¬†Canada’s big day.
But tomorrow marks 150 years!
We caught up with some of those people downtown tonight to see how they will be celebrating Canada Day.

“We came to Kingston to be part of an event that’s going to be at Fort Henry tomorrow, and what it is, it’s called ‘The Cry’. It’s a prayer rally on behalf of the nation of Canada”
“We are spending out first Canada Day with our daughter, we’re going to do some strawberry picking tomorrow, and then we are going to watch a movie in the park where we live, and then fireworks!”
“Canada Day, I’m planning on just coming down here, spending it with some friends, we’re all going to come down and maybe grab some food and a drink, and then enjoy some of the music that’s playing.”

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