Kingston Pilots New Bike Sharing Program

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Kingston’s first bike sharing program has hit the streets of the downtown area.

Dropbike is using Kingston as a pilot city for an innovative way to get around.
The for-profit company will be putting about 100 orange bikes around the downtown and Queen’s.
The city has partnered with Dropbike to use various sidewalk locations for the bikes.
Dropbike’s CEO┬ásays everything is done through a cell phone “app”… to locate, unlock and rent the bicycles.

Qiming Weng/CEO, Dropbike:
“You download our application for Android or IOS at…
What you do when you see a bike, you open up the app, you scan the QR code that’s on the bike.. and then it will tell you the combination for the lock on the back… So then you punch it in and you are good to go.
When you are done with the bike, we ask that you return it to one of the dozen or so havens that are located around Kingston. You lock the bike back up, and to end the trip you take a picture of the bike… again done through the application. And everything else, the payment, is all handled for you in the background.”

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