‘Peace Tower’ Flag Waves In Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Canadian flags are known across the world, and here at home — well, they mean a lot to us. and one Kingston resident has a flag that means a little extra to her.

For the big 150th, Kingstonian Lynda Jackson, has brought out her most prized possession, an original flag from the peace tower in Ottawa.
Jackson has owned her flag for almost 20 years — back then the wait was only a few years for something like this… these days, it takes 73 years…
Jackson says she hopes the massive flag will become a happy memory for others in the community.

Lynda Jackson/Proud Canadian:
“In 1967, when Canada had it’s 100th anniversary.. on my street in Ottawa, somebody painted that Canadian flag symbol for that year and that made a really impression on me.
So, maybe this will make an impression on the children in our neighbourhood, that it’s a special day, Canada is a great place to live, and that we are really fortunate to be here.”

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