Construction delays on Kingston Mills Road

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Construction delays on Kingston Mills Road

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who knows more about Kingston Mills LockS than Richard Allen. The 71 year resident grew up here, met his wife, and worked at the power station while living next door. Now in retirement he’s been keeping an eye on the ongoing construction.
Work that now includes repairing the washed away roadway at the locks.

Richard Allen, Longtime Resident:
“Everything we do is pretty much in Kingston, especially the West End of Kingston and we have to use the 401 a great deal and I’m not really fussy about using it, especially to just go to town.”

Long detours have been a reality since last September when construction began on the bridge.

Michael McLay-Senior Engineer, Parks Canada:
“It’s been an extensive project. It entailed the demolition and reconstruction of the fixed bridge and a major rehabilitation of the swing bridge.”

But bridge construction has been put on hold after unprecedented water levels washed away this part of the road.

Michael McLay-Senior Engineer, Parks Canada
“During the flooding the Power Plant had to be shut down because of high water in Lake Ontario. That required us to divert more water through the weir and flow it through this area, and that’s really what triggered the erosion.”

Water levels that Allen says he’s never seen so high in his 71 years of living here.

Richard Allen, Longtime Resident:
“What you see behind me.. this pile of rubble, we call it our beach–it wasn’t there until the flood came.”

Parks Canada had hoped the road could be rebuilt by June 30th–but because water levels have remained high that date has been pushed back a few weeks.
Frustrating news for those eager to start using the crossing.

Richard Allen,Ā Longtime Resident:
“We’ve been looking at this nice finished bridge here for almost a year and we can’t use it.”

Jonna Semple Standup:
“Crews expect things to be wrapped up and complete on the washed away part of the road in mid-July. Afterwards a few finishing touches can be done to the bridge . It’s expected things will be open to vehicle traffic before the end of the Summer.
-Jonna Semple, CKWS News Kingston.”

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