Two transports collide east of Gananoque

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Eastbound traffic on the 401 was down to a crawl near Gananoque today.
Just before 6 this morning a collision involving two transports reduced the highway to one lane while crews dealt with the mess.
Charges have been laid against one of the drivers.
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Traffic was backed up for over a kilometre at times as crews worked to remove two transports that collided a little before six am.
One of the trucks hauling Quaker oats was pulled over on the shoulder of the east bound lanes of the 401 because of a breakdown.
“Another east bound tractor trailer, travelling eastbound struck the broken down tractor trailer. ”
The transport that was hit was forced partially up a rock cut and rolled over on it’s side.
Amazingly neither driver suffered serious injuries.
“Ambulance did attend the scene and both drivers were treated and released at the scene.”
During the impact one of the transports had a diesel tank shorn off.
“We had a minor diesel spill which is being cleaned up at this time. ”
“The diesel’s been contained and the Ministry of Environment has attended the scene.”
“Lansdowne O.P.P. say because of the way this transport ended up after the collision it could be the better part of the day and possibly into the evening before both eastbound lanes of the 401 are opened up again to traffic. ”
“There’s a substantial amount of damage and the tow operator simply won’t know until they start to pull the truck out how much damage has been done to the tractor trailer. ”
Provincial Police have charged the driver of the transport that struck the parked truck with careless driving.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Gananoque.

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