Kingston Humane Society upgrades feline care

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The Kingston Humane Society has just completed 50 thousand dollars of renovations that will improve the care they can provide feline’s.
The society is also changing to a “Capacity for Care” model.
Darryn Davis has more on what that means for the cats and the public….


This is Maive, she’s a stray recovering from a difficult pregnancy.
Ready to be adopted now Maive is also benefiting from changes at the kingston humane society.
These new cages provide separation from the litter box and the sleeping and food area providing better physical and emotional care for the animals.
“The portal’s also have a little door that we can flip closed for those cats that don’t like us handling them as much or who are still getting used to us, so we can flip those closed do all of our cleaning and then open it back up for them again.”
The up front 50 thousand dollar price tag will be offset by long term savings.
“We will be saving costs on veterinarian bills, medical costs, staffing to look after animals whose health has become compromised because of stress.”
“And if you do happen to find a stray the Humane Society is hoping you’ll do a few simple things before you bring the cat into them, like checking around the neighbourhood or even putting up posters like this one that people usually do when they loose their pet.” “Check out facebook, kijiji, there’s a facebook group called Kingston community lost and found pets and there’s a lot of reuniting that goes on with that facebook page. ”
Steps like these could mean fewer pets end up in the humane society’s care.
The charitable organization says 72 per cent of strays that stay in their neighbourhood end up with their owners again.
That number drops to 3 to 5 per cent for cats that end up in a shelter.
Adoption costs will also be reduced periodically when the shelter is close to capacity.
“That of course includes their spay or neuter their core vaccines, de-worming, microchip. ”
It’s estimated the Kingston Humane Society will provide care to over 2000 animals this year.
A number they hope to reduce through improved care, policy changes and ongoing public education.
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