Week Long “I Can Bike” Program gets Children on 2 Wheels

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

For some — riding a bicycle is a relatively easy undertaking.     For others — not so much.     A week long program is currently underway at the Royal Military College’s Constantine Arena where children with special needs are 2 wheeling it.     Mike Postovit has more.


Wheeling to a brighter — more confident future — that’s what this is all about.     Welcome to day 2 of a 5 day program called “I Can Bike”.

Hannah Langdon/”I Can Bike” Floor Supervisor

“Our program serves people with disabilities — we serve up to 40 riders a week — we have about 30 this week that we’re serving — and our goal is to get them independent on a 2 wheel bike.

Braden Delaney/Rider

“It’s definitely been fun for me — and I think it would be fun for most people.”

That’s 11 year old Braden Delaney from Seeley’s Bay.     He like others have seen the progress.


“This program I think has helped me with my balance — also helping my left knee being able to bend more because of the pedaling.”

Kylie Castro/Special Needs Inclusion Worker

“It’s just amazing to watch them from the start of one session to the end and how much they’ve improved.

Kylie Castro is a special needs inclusion worker from the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre.


“Yesterday I was blown away to see how many of them balancing by themselves — their volunteers beside them but not needing to hold-on — it’s really impressive to see the gains that they’re making each and every day.”

Organizers say this event wouldn’t work with-out the volunteers — who keep the riders motivated as well as excited about what they’re doing.


“They are running with smiles on their faces and still encouraging the children and each other — we are so grateful to have them with us.”


“A lot of our riders will be nervous through-out the week and nervous during transitions — but once they build that confidence up on 2 wheels they really just take-off.     That’s the name of our program — I Can Shine, I Can Bike and I Can Do This.”

The “I Can Bike” program rides into Brockville next week and more volunteers are needed.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston

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