Boat wakes causing issues along the St. Lawrence river

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High water levels continue to plague those living along the St. Lawrence river.
Flooding continues to be a threat and erosion is a growing problem.
With the boating season now in full swing there are concerns things may become worse.
Darryn Davis has the details…


“And you’re seeing that this wake is now pushing it’s way to the shore.”
Boat wakes are growing concern along the St. Lawrence river.
They can flood and erode shorelines, homes and businesses.
Residents, politicians and business owners are asking boaters to slow down.
“Getting close to shore they’re going to have to slow down sooner.
They’re going to have to trim their boats a little differently when they are close to shore and be mindful look behind you check the wake you are putting out. ”
Kathleen Allen is with Rockport Cruises and says waves from wind and boat wakes have created sinkholes along their docks.
“The asphalt section is caving in and you can see it’s quite extensive and this is the area where we load our passengers so it’s critical that we maintain this for passenger safety. ”
It’s a similar story for Wendy Merkley at Andress Boat Works.
Waves are slowly destroying the businesses boathouse.
“We’ve lost boards, we’ve lost structure. we can’t use the boathouse really we’ve got one boat in here but we can’t let the boaters come in here because it’s not safe. ”
“This dock which is about 2 inches under the waters surface is usually anywhere from 18 to 24 inches above the water.
Merkley says she won’t know the full extent of damage due to flooding and erosion until the waters recede. ”
“Until that water goes down and we see if the cribs are still good ,we have to re do the cribs. Is it just a few boards is it the whole underpinning. none of that is known and that’s what every body will be facing. ”
M.P.P. Steve Clark has written to the ministers of community safety and correctional services and municipal affairs looking for help particularly with more signs. “Along the water front, at businesses and at public points but also information north of the St. Lawrence as well on some of our major highways. ”
The Ontario Provincial Police are also on the water educating boaters and when necessary enforcing the law.
“When you’re close to shore within 30 metres which is approximately 100 feet that’s the shoreline speed limit zone and you have to stay under 10 km an hour and otherwise it will be a posted area.”
Breaking the speed limits is 240 dollar fine.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Rockport.

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