Street Performers Invade the Limestone City for the 29th Annual Kingston Buskers Rendezvous

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The 29th annual Kingston Buskers Rendezvous is nicely underway.     Dozens of street performers from all over the world are in town from now until Sunday.     Mike Postovit has more from day-1.


Loud and proud and very entertaining.     Taking it to the streets with Buskers Rendezvous 2017.

Laura Meggs/”Downtown Kingston”

It started 29 years ago as a small little street festival — Doug Ritchie thought it up — he thought it would be great to compliment the shopping and bring some people out to perform on street corners.

And how it’s grown.     In fact — the city shuts down portions of certain streets just to help accommodate these very talented people.     No street here — at least not early on — on this day.
That’s Wacky Chad — this marks his 8th time here in Kingston.

Chadd Deitz/”Wacky Chad”

“I came here and I saw some acts and I was really inspired by a lot of the acts here.     I applied — I didn’t get in — then I applied the next year started and I got in with a trio show called the Pogo Dudes.”

Now the native of Syracuse, New York is on his own — and loving every minute of it.


“If you’re different and unique they’ll hire you — because they want to balance it out.     You can’t have 15 break dancers at the same festival doing the same flips and stuff so you have to diversify it.
And if you have a diverse enough act with different jokes — you’re not using stock lines — they love that, they like that you’re using sound effects and music.”

Plenty of new acts — as well as the tried and true like Mighty Mike.     Don’t forget Peter Rabbit.
As you can see his act is very — I guess you would say — interactive.

(Sound bite…..)

Performances continue right through until Sunday Night with a couple of hi-lites.


“We have the fire show on Saturday Night in “The Hub” — between Barrie and Division Streets.
That’s when all the buskers get together and they perform amazing tricks with fire — that’s one to look forward to.     Then on Sunday — we have shows running from noon until 6 — then we have the grand finale that’s the hi-lite of the weekend.

Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston

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