The Village of Bath is the Place to be if You Want to See Tall Ships

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

People in our viewing area are in for a real treat this weekend as the “Tall Ships” make a stop in Bath.     It’s called Rendezvous 2017 — and Mike Postovit has more.


You can’t have a party with-out music — so as this band practices — a handful of tall ships also prepare for the weekend.

Kelley Hineman/Event Chair

“It’s all about the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday and we’re part of a bigger organization called Rendezvous 2017 — a race that started in Europe and has come all the way to the Great Lakes here in Canada.”

11 tall ships will stop in Bath and that number includes Kingston’s own “St. Lawrence 2”.
Then there’s this one — this is the Niagara — it is the tallest of the tall ships taking part this weekend.

Chris Cusson/Niagara First Mate

“This ship was the fourth reconstruction of the original Niagara which was part of the U.S. fleet that fought in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.     This ship was built in 1988 and we started sailing in 1991.

It — like all of the tall ships is a sail training vessel.


“I think we’re trying to definitely impart on out trainees and our crew how really cool it is to be a part of this series of festivals celebrating Canada for the 150th — I know for myself — I grew up in Newfoundland so Canada is a very important thing for me and we’re just happy to be here — share our story and share in the story of Canada.”


“On line there’s morning sales that can be actually purchased to go out on the tall ships — but during the day people will be allowed to go on the ships and view them — on most of the ships.
Some of the bigger ones can’t even get to the dock but people will be allowed on Saturday and Sunday to actually go out on the dock — view the tall ships and get to go on them.”

So as the village starts to swell — the chair of the event says there’s plenty of room for everyone — and something for everyone.


“We’ve got it all, we’ve got it all.     We’ve got naval battles, we’ve got Canadian talent, we’ve got Indigenous representation, we’ve got European representation — we’ve got it all.”

Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Bath.

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