Acquiring more Land to Help Save an Endangered Songbird

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Teaming-up to help save an endangered songbird.     That’s what the Nature Conservancy of Canada and a number of partners are doing in Stone Mills Township — northwest of Kingston.
Here’s Mike Postovit.


This is the Napanee Plain Nature Reserve.     It’s here where this group is hoping to catch a glimpse of the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike — a grassland bird on the endangered species list.     However it was less then an hour earlier that this announcement brought plenty of applause.

James Duncan/Nature Conservancy of Canada Regional Vice President

“Thanks to our partners –the Government of Canada we have added an additional 40 acres — the Powell East property which now is protected in perpetuity as part of the Napanee Nature Reserve.”

This is just a parcel of the new land — the property itself — it’s a very important breeding and feeding area for many grassland birds, including the Shrike.

Jessica Steiner/Wildlife Preservation Canada

“It is one of only two remaining core areas where we see consistent breeding of Shrike in the province and the conservation efforts that here are really vital to ensuring that Loggerhead Shrike remain on the landscape here in Canada for future generations.”

Hazel Wheeler/Biologist

“One of the main threats for Shrike right now — and always has been habitat loss.

Hazel Wheeler is the lead biologist with the Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Program.


“This is an incredibly important patch of habitat and so growing it is very important.”

The federal government helped with a third of the funding for the purchase of the land — while the rest came from a number partners including the conservancy, wildlife preservation as well as the Kingston Field Naturalists.


“Preserving bio diversity isn’t just about rare plants and rare animals — it’s about mosaic of nature that actually provides us with our economic benefits — our clean air, our clean water — these are all part of a greater whole.     Losing one piece of the puzzle, you just never know what effect that will have.

Mike Postovit, CKWS News near Centreville.”

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