Resource Centre hosts info session about realities of human trafficking in Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – It’s a dark topic that local organizers are trying to shed light on — human trafficking. Some say it’s happening here in Kingston more than we think. To help raise awareness an information session will be held later this week at the Ongwanada Resource Centre. Kingston police will be on hand to discuss how hotel and motel staff in the area can identify signs that can help curb the problem. The event titled “Human Trafficking: The Real Deal” takes place Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

Doug van der Horden/Organizer, Human Trafficking: The Real Deal:
“Hotels along the 401 are a stopping point. I was talking to one victim and she said Kingston was one of those stops. She named 2 hotels. So this is absolutely happening in our local hotels.”


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