A new project celebrates Kingston’s architecture, using local artists

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

What does a dancer, musician, and architecture all have in common?
They are all part of fine art photographer, Elizabeth Hesp’s newest project.

Elizabeth Hesp/ Fine Art Photographer & Creative Director:
“Kingston inspires!
Just it’s geographical location, it’s history, it’s culture, it’s architecture.
Where we are now, where we are going — the constant flux of students through our community… Queen’s, RMC, St. Lawrence, and the energy that it brings. All these things have been an inspiration for me.”

But she couldn’t do it alone!
Hesp’s team of 4 volunteers bring together music, dance and photography, documenting it all — to create a different way to look at some of Kingston’s most beautiful structures.

Kavina Sathuyasothy/ Bharathanatyam Artist:
“It’s something that is showing, or showcasing Kingston architecture and how it kind of relates and connects with different art genres and Bharathanatyam, which is my field of expertise, began as a temple dance, so it’s very much involved with Indian architecture.”

Isla Turcke/ Ballerina:
“I didn’t see how like, ballet, and architecture and violin would all fit… but it’s really neat how they work together and you see how the lines of the buildings fit together with the lines that you’re making, or the line that the bow of the violin is making… The forms and rythyms of the architecture and form of our bodies I guess… it fits together nicely.”

They say that when the project is complete… it’s a must see for the entire community.
Even if you’ve seen the buildings a hundred times.

Sophie Szczesniak/ Violinist:
“It presents a different view of Kingston, a different view of art and it’s cross-cultural, with all of our different backgrounds and everything… So, I think it’s an educational experience, as well as an artistic and creative one for the Kingston community.”

The project has been three years in the making and is only months away from completion.
Hesp says the final photographs will be displayed at an exhibition, as early as this fall.
Callie Warren, CKWS News, Kingston

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