Kingston Humane Society looks for new home for Chloe

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Chloe is a seven year old beagle.
A stray, she was brought into the Kingston Humane Society suffering from obvious signs of neglect.
It’s been a lengthy recovery for Chloe but she is now ready for adoption.
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Full of energy and curious Chloe’s road back to health has been a lengthy one.
A stray she was brought into the Kingston Humane Society by animal control in may suffering from obvious signs of neglect.
“She was one of the most emaciated dogs I’d ever seen she was so skinny and so hungry ”
Staff had to put her on a special diet to gain weight and get her healthy enough for surgery.
One of Chloe’s eyes was going to have to be removed.
“She had an ulcer in her eye that basically it kind of burst, so it’s very swollen, very painful and at that point in time she could not see through it at all. ”
Veterinary technician Emily Knickle assisted in the surgery and says Chloe’s recovery has been excellent.
“It’s been very good. We placed sutures in her eye they were removed 10 days after surgery. she’s no longer on any pain medication and she went from 8.6 kilograms to 13.6 so she’s gained quite a bit of weight.” “Chloe’s health has recovered enough now that she’s ready for adoption.
The humane society is also looking for help on her expensive medical bills.”
Staff say Chloe’s care and surgery has cost between 3 and 4 thousand dollars.
“We are looking for some donations to help cover the costs of Chloe’s care as the other 2000 animals we get in yearly. ”
Kingston Humane Society officials say Chloe would do best in a quieter environment but she does get along with other dogs.
“She absolutely loves them and I think that would really help her come out of her shell. I do think her previous home may have had other dogs in it and that’s why she’s so comfortable with dogs. ”
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston.

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