Provincial Standing Committee on Finance & Economic Affairs comes to Kingston Looking for Input

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The province’s bid to raise the minimum wage to 15-dollars an hour has drawn plenty of feedback and continues to.     Just ask the people on a standing committee on finance and economic affairs.
They came to Kingston to gather input from everyone from the health unit to unions and local businesses.     Here’s Mike Postovit.


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That’s Deb Henry.     She was one of nearly 20 speakers to address the committee.

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Adding “their” input to the provinces proposed fair workplaces, better jobs act.     A plan that includes raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2019.

Peter Milczyn/Etobicoke-Lakeshore M.P.P.

“Our labour laws have to reflect our more modern economy and that’s what this is going to do.”

Peter Milczyn is the parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Labour.


“Now that we have a the bill — it’s important that we go out to Ontarians again and get their feed back on what they like about it, what they don’t like about it and any changes that different groups might suggest to it.”

Kingston was the 4th of ten stops on a 10 day consultation phase tour for bill 148.     And a number of area M.P.P.’s were part of the day’s proceedings talking about what they’ve been hearing in their ridings.

Todd Smith/Prince Edward-Hastings M.P.P.

“It is going to have serious impact on business — and we’ve certainly been hearing that they just can’t afford this.     Some of them have impacts on their business of more then three hundred thousand dollars a year as a result of this — particularly in the restaurant and hospitality business.”

James Rilett/Restaurants Canada

“This is too much too fast.     I think what restaurateurs are saying is we need some help — we need to be able to implement this on our time frame and don’t hurt the people that you are trying to help because those are the people when we’re cutting back hours and jobs those are the people that that’s going to effect first.”

As for Henry — who actually took a day off from work in Toronto to drive here — she couldn’t be more pleased with the proposed wage increase.

Deb Henry/Unifor Local 414

“I do realize that it’s a transition for the companies as well — definitely appreciate that but I believe in my heart if you give anybody money and especially those living on minimum wage — you raise our wages and that money’s going to go back into the economy.”

Other parts of the bill ensure part time workers make the same hourly wage as full time workers for doing the same job, and expanding personal emergency leave.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston.

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