BC wildfires continue to burn – local company says they can help

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Wildfires continue to spread across British Columbia – taking homes, property, and so much more.
A company here in Napanee, is trying to help — offering their product as a possible solution.

Quincy Emmons/ Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, FireRein:
“We already have a system on the ground, we have people out there, we’re waiting to be deployed.”

Their product, FireRein, is a 100% bio-based gel that is one of a kind.

Quincy Emmons:
“Over the course of a week, I guarantee you’ve ate all of the ingredients that are in our water-additive over your breakfast every morning…
[so it’s safe?]
Yes, it’s safe.”

Which is a big deal, especially when it’s being spread across land, water, and air…
But even more importantly… it works.

Zackery Hodgen/ Product Development, FireRein:
“We are tested with St. Lawrence College to the fire fighting standards, and we’ve come up using less water and having a quicker knockdown.. so we also are effective.”

Ian Dick/ Industry Liaison, St. Lawrence College:
“Out in the West, it will not only help to exterminate fires, but it prevents fires…
So, as they begin to use it, fires will not be able to start in areas that they’ve sprayed.”

Additionally, FireRein costs the same as its chemical based competitors, uses the same equipment, and fewer.
FireRein say they are already working with industrial companies out west– helping them protect their facilities…
They’ve also reached out to the government to offer support.

Zackery Hodgen:
“Our hearts go out to the people in BC that are effected by the fires — we are willing and happy to help in whatever way we can.”

Quincy Emmons:
“We’ve approached various contacts out there, we are trying to be very respectful, we understand that they are very busy at the moment. They have their priorities that they are worried about right now, we have been told that — if needed, we will be deployed.”

Callie Warren, CKWS News, Napanee


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