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With all the rain and high water levels this year it’s beginning to feel like the summer that never happened.
But has it had an impact on the summer tourism season?
Darryn Davis went out and spoke to operators to find out if this season is boom or bust.

When it comes to visiting Kingston there’s no shortage of reasons, from restaurants and patio’s to cruises, museums and the historic downtown core.
“My mom brought me to come see the prison stuff.”
” Day trip in Kingston, have lunch walk around the port.
“I like the live music, we try to find a venue that has some good music whether it’s on Wolfe Island up at the mansion or different places.”
It’s also been a summer full of rain and Kingston Destination Group which runs Kingston Thousand Island Cruises says they’ve been working with waterfront property owners to minimize the impact of the tour boats.
” We want to make sure their land stays nice and safe and we’re not having a negative effect so at the beginning of the season we had to change our route a little bit, we’re listening to all of our partners in the area.”
But the weather hasn’t had as big an impact as one might fear.
” We’re hoping that once we have some consistent sunshine we’ll have more people out but people plan their trips and once they’ve planned them weather doesn’t always affect it, we’ve still seen some really good numbers so far this year.”
The Penitentiary museum’s curator says they are on pace for their best season ever.
“This month alone we’ve had 7250 visitors since we reopened on May1st we’re at 24 450 that’s a 70- per cent increase from last year.”
St. Onge says they put the banner year down to two main factors.
” The U.S. dollar it’s favourable to them so we’re getting a lot of aAmerican visitors this year and the K.P. tours across the street of course we’re getting a lot of spin off from that offering.”
A more streamlined tourist experience also seems to be playing a role in drawing visitors to the region.
” Hellier says one of the innovations they’ve come up with that has proven to be extremely popular with tourists is the K pass.”
“That’s your cruise you’re trolly tour admission to everything in kingston all the museums, galleries and attractions that charge an admission fee.”
And if the weather does improve
So could the second half of the summer season.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston.


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