B-17 Bomber Arrives in Kingston for Week Long Stay

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A flying relic from the Second World War is calling Kingston home for the next several days.     You may have already heard it buzzing around the city today.     It’s an American B-17 Bomber — and you can have a chance to ride in it.     Here’s Mike Postovit.


A perfect day to take flight — and this is just a little of Kingston from the air.     Carrying a handful of local media and some special guests this B-17 Bomber is here in the Limestone City as part of the “Flying Legends of Victory Tour”.

Reid MacCosham/Pilot

“This was built too late in the war to go to Europe — they were winding down the European theatre at the time — they had such superiority and Germany was starting to crumble so it went to the South Pacific during the last part of the war.”

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Known as “Sentimental Journey,” — this B-17 is one of only 10 in the world that is still flying.     The aircraft is a part of the non-profit “Commemorative Air Force Museum” out of Mesa, Arizona.     The Kingston stop is one of between 40 and 50 that these “Flying Fortresses” make each year.


“It is a very stable aircraft — it wants to fly straight — so if you want to turn — that’s when you have to show it how’s boss – and really manhandle into the position you need it to be in.

Roy Brown/World War 2 Veteran

“Sentimental journey for me because this is where I learned to fly.”

Roy Brown of Kingston was a fighter pilot during the Second World War.     He was also a part of the early afternoon flight.


“Exhilarated — absolutely exhilarated — it took me back to the years when I leaned to fly here in 44.
Overall it made me feel young again — and at my age — anything that makes we feel young again is good.”

Clarke Mecredy/World War 2 Veteran

“I was not a pilot — but as a passenger — I was what was called a flight air direction officer.”

Kingston’s Clarke Mecredy also joined the flight.


“Great experience — great experience and as Roy Brown said — that’s the last of the bucket list — we won’t be doing it anymore.

But hopefully you will be doing other things.


“I hope so — at least for another week or two.”

Those wondering — there is a cost to ride in this vintage war plane depending on where you sit — it’s around 450 to 800 dollars US.     Flights start on Friday.     Static ground tours are also available before the bomber flies out next Monday.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston.

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