Mayor responds to Belleville Senators deal

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Belleville’s mayor is speaking publicly about the deal between the city and the American Hockey League’s Belleville Senators.
Belleville resident Gary Davidson spent 9 months trying to get details of the once-secret agreement — which includes a 8 million dollar low-interest loan to the hockey team…. which they don’t have to start paying back for a couple of years.
Davidson says he had to go through two “freedom of information” requests to get access to the documents.
In an interview with CKWS today, the mayor denies there was any attempt to keep the financial side a secret.

“The most important part we wanted to stress is our business partners getting all their business matters in order and that’s why we offered them the opportunity either to redact or look at information they got to get their businesses in order. You know you’re looking at people moving from the United States of America to Ontario, you’re looking at careers, you’re looking at jobs so we did that properly.”

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