Phaze 3: Belleville’s downtown infrastructure work begins

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The third phase of build Belleville officially got underway today.
It’s a 10 to 12 million dollar project to revitalize Bridge street, and a portion of Front street, in the downtown core.
Darryn Davis has more.


With the official ground breaking done — the real work begins.
Crews have been on site preparing Bridge street –from Pinnacle to the bridge over the Moira river — for several weeks now.
“Investigation of basements, confirming where the services come out so that when shut down comes like today we’re able to get going. ”
The third and final phase is broken into two parts with this one expected to be complete in November.
Some infrastructure being replaced, like sewers, date back to the 1880’s.
“We’ve taken that momentum of infrastructure and we’ve really kind of spread it through our whole municipality we’ve upgraded a lot of water lines, sewer lines, we’re doing millions of dollars in sewer separation and this is something that needs to be done.”
The electrical system will also be upgraded eliminating ongoing issues in the downtown core.
“Complete banks of street lights would go out, sidewalks were heaving, it had become really a danger and so that has been the primary focus.”
Businesses will remain open to pedestrians during the work and the contractor — the same one that did kingston’s ‘big dig’ — will be working with the public and merchants to address any issues.
“A pedestrian comes to an intersection and they’ve got this confused look on their face we’ll walk over and say can I help you ma’am or sir? where you trying to get to and then help them, direct them. ”
Merchants in the construction zone aren’t sitting idly by during the infrastructure work.
“This alley way runs parallel to bridge street and joins up with many of the stores and restaurants affected by the construction something the business owners say they plan to take advantage of.”
“Sale events, we’ll be putting art and antiques in the lane way. My neighbour Paul Dinkel a restaraunteur will have tables out here. ”
“There’s tonnes of parking next door here in the parking lot.”

The second half — expected to get underway in February — will include work on Front street from Bridge to Dundas streets.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Belleville.

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