Frequently Asked Questions

We know that when there are computers involved, there are questions… maybe about our NEWSwatchers Club membership & sign-up, where to find something or even if you are simply are having technical issues.

Please skim the questions for the best answers we can give… we are trying our best to help you enjoy our site & club as much as we do!

If you still can’t get your answer below, please CLICK HERE and send us an email with your brief question and the best way to contact you.

NEWSwatcher Memberships

I haven’t received my validation email code. What now?

Sometimes the connection between your email provider and our servers don’t see eye-to-eye and may disagree on security features. We are monitoring and manually validating emails in the back-end, but if it still doesn’t send by the next day, and you have tried to log in a few more times (we may have validated it for you already!), email us your first and last name (what you used in the sign-up form) and we can pin-point your account and validate you right away! CLICK HERE to send a request  for validation, and please mention your full name and  ‘VALIDATE EMAIL.’

Also, don’t forget to check your junk mail, or other folders that may contain “updates’ or ‘promotions’ (Gmail has folders like this).

Why do I have to sign-up to the club to enter contests? I didn’t have to do that before!

We think it’s great to have a club! We could send you contest announcements before the rest of world sees them and ultimately, entering the contests will be easier! You’ll also have access to content, and interact with us online, when others can’t. With a membership already set-up, and when you log in, all of the contest entry forms will automatically fill in with your contact information that you provided upon sign-up. No more typing it out, each and every time, no more possible mis-typed errors on your phone numbers or email addresses…as long as you put it all in correctly during sign-up of course.

We are working on another method to have the contests open to the public, and when that happens, some of the contests will be open, but not alllllllll of them, so if you want complete access, being a FREE club member is quite valuable!

CLICK HERE to know even more about our new NEWSwatchers Club.

Where do I log in? Do I have to every day, or every time I come back to your website?

In the grey bar (at the top of every page of our site), just under our main website navigation (NEWS, LOCAL WEATHER…etc), you’ll see a “Log In” in bold text that you can click on. A pop-up window will ask for your email and password. That’s where you can log in! You can also request a new password from that pop-up if you have forgotten it.

If you check off the ‘remember me” – for a duration of time (more than a week or two), you can visit our site and the last NEWSwatcher member to log in on your computer, will still be logged in (if the box was checked). If it isn’t ‘remembering’ you, after you’ve checked the box, you may have browser settings that automatically clear passwords, cookies, your cache upon closing a browser window (which you can change in your browser settings).

I forgot my password!

Click the ‘Log In’ text at the top of every page of our site (in the grey bar), and when the pop-up to log in appears, you will see a “Forgot Password?” link that you can click on and request a new one! It will be emailed to the email you have provided, so it’s best practice to make sure you typed in the correct email upon sign-up.

If you encounter many issues, we can delete the account you’ve started and you can re-try the sign-up process again. CLICK HERE to request to delete your membership, or to start to slate clean. Tell us your first and last name in the email, and that you want to DELETE.

You're not too tech savvy...It's okay, we're here to help!

The web pages aren’t showing properly, or it seems like it’s glitchy. Sometimes when I fill out a form, it doesn’t work properly or doesn’t save.

Try using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer or Safari. Our website platform and Chrome are best friends, and like to play together. You can also use Firefox browser too. It seems to be a good back-up friend to us. Download Chrome for free HERE.

I used to be able to email my Weather Wallpaper to Bill Hall. How do I do that now?

You still can! Visit the Weather Wallpaper page under Contests and simply click on his mentioned email address to have it pop up to email him directly. Or you can type out his email yourself, in any email service you use. Don’t forget to tell him your name, contact info and a brief description as well as attaching the photo!

Also, NEWSwatcher members can upload a photo through our website, after logging in, to have the whole world see your photo, as well as be entered into the prize draws, when applicable.

CLICK HERE to email Bill Hall your photo now.

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